Siquimia, a  company located in Uruguay, provides products and services for R&D in the areas of  organic chemistry and solid phase peptide synthesis.

Siquimia specializes in custom peptide  synthesis and offers products ranging from peptide reagents and building blocks to catalog and generic peptides.

It has a group of highly qualified and motivated professionals, with extensive experience in the field of organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry, as well as in the production of pharmaceutical active ingredients and excipients.


  • Provide high quality products and services.
  • Work hard to solve our customers problems.

We have a big laboratory with all the necessary equipment to provide a complete service and quality


Custom chemistry

Siquimia helps those, in the pharmaceutical industries and academic groups, for small-scale research-grade peptides/organic molecules.
• Custom organic synthesis
• Custom peptide synthesis
• Custom purification services

Chemical Catalogue

• Pharmaceutical impurities
• Drug Metabolites
• Natural products and analogs
• Other organic molecules

Analytical services

• Analytical method development
• API Analysis

Pharmaceutical advisors

• Synthetic process development
• Reaction optimization and scaling up
• Technological Watch

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