Facilities and equipment

Our equipment

Siquimia has a laboratory located in the Science and Technology Park of Pando, Uruguay.

The Pando Technological Pole is an academic unit of the Chemistry Faculty dedicated to the research, development and innovation in Chemistry, Biotechnology, Materials Science and Environment.

Available to you

Our equipment include

  • Preparative HPLC with PDA detector
  • Analytical HPLC with UV/Vis detector and ELSD
  • Reactors (jacketed, up to 3 L)
  • Analytical balances and drying oven
  • Solid phase peptide synthetizer
  • Rotavapor Buchi
  • Melting point apparatus
HPLC Shimadzu

Waters Preparative HPLC

Balanzas Mettler Toledo

Shimadzu Analytical HPLC Systems

rotavapor buchi

Balances Mettler Toledo

Buchi rotary evaporator